Chinmaya Mission Chicago - Banquet 2017 Ad Management

Every year Chinmaya Mission Chicago hosts a banquet for which a brochure is developed with advertisements from different vendors. This banquet will be co-hosted by Badri and Yamunotri Chinmaya mission Chicago centers with tremendous amount of teamwork and dedication. 

Since so many dedicated volunteers are involved communication and managing brochure can be challenging and hence this website aiming to improve efficiency and clarity. This web site will allow the volunteers to enter advertisements directly into the database, assign advertisements to designers, designers to update design status, generates reports, manage all the communication. For those who are involved in brochure management can get complete access to the tool by logging into the tool. 

Any volunteers involved in getting Ads for the 2017 banquet can directly enter the ad info at URL create_new_ad.htm without any login permissions.

If interested in helping with Ad campaign 2017 please contact any of the following:

  1. Shubi Mansukhani - Ph:(847) 680-8555 email:

  2. Suresh Kumar - Ph:(630) 362-0104 email:

  3. Maulin Mehta - Ph:(570) 716-8144 email:

  4. Premal Joshipura - Ph:(847) 362-6073 email:

  5. Siva Ramamurthy - Ph:(630) 258-2960 email:

  6. Anand Ram - Ph:(630) 440-8148 email:

Banquet 2017 Advertisements Cost and Types
Size of Ad Donation Size Dinner Tickets at Banquet
Outside Back Cover - Color $2000 8.25"W x 10.75"H 2 at Premium Table
Inside Back Cover - Color $1750 8.25"W x 10.75"H 2 at Premium Table
Full Page Color $1500 8.25"W x 10.75"H 2 at Premium Table
Full Page $1000 8.25"W x 10.75"H 2 at Premium Table
Half Page Color $750 4.125"W x 10.75"H 2
Half Page $500 4.125"W x 10.75"H 2
Quarter Page Color $375 4.125"W x 5.25"H 2
Quarter Page $250 4.125"W x 5.25"H 2

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